Vanderbilt Football All-Americans

The NCAA officially recognizes All-America teams selected by the AP, AFCA, FWAA, Sporting News and the WCFF to determine consensus All-Americans. If a player is selected to the first team by any three of the teams, they are a consensus All-American. If a player is named first team All-American by all five organizations, they are recognized as a unanimous All-American.Vanderbilt recognizes players who received All-America honors from all major news publications and websites, including, but not limited to:, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, Athlon, Rivals, and more.

Below is a list of all Vanderbilt players who have received All-America recognition.

Owsley Manier
Back, 1906

W.E. Metzer
Guard, 1910

Ray Morrison
Quarterback, 1911

Lewis Hardage
Back, 1912

“Rabbit” Curry
Back, 1916

Josh Cody
Tackle, 1915, 1916 & 1919

Lynn Bomar
End, 1923

Henry Wakefield
End, 1924

Bill Spears
Quarterback, 1927

Dick Abernathy
End, 1928

John Brown
Guard, 1929

Pete Gracey
Center, 1932

Carl Hinkle
Center, 1937

Bob Gude
Center, 1941

Bucky Curtis
Receiver, 1950

Bob Werckle
Tackle, 1951

Bill Wade
Quarterback, 1951

Charley Horton
Running Back, 1955

George Diederich
Guard, 1958

Chip Healy
Linebacker, 1968

Bob Asher
Offensive Tackle, 1969

Barry Burton
Tight End, 1974 & 1975

Preston Brown
Back, 1979

Allama Matthews
Tight End, 1982

Jim Arnold
Punter, 1982

Chuck Scott
Tight End, 1983

Leonard Coleman
Defensive Back, 1983

Ricky Anderson
Punter, 1984