Ticket Donation Program

For questions about donating tickets please call the ticket office at 615.322.4653 (ext. 1) or e-mail ticket.office@vanderbilt.edu for more information.

Who will my tickets be going to?
Vet Tix will facilitate your donation to a local service member and their family to attend the event that you donate.

How many tickets can I donate?
Through your account manager you can donate some or all of your tickets for a certain event.

How long before the event can I make a ticket donation?
Donations are allowed to be completed in your account manager up to 48 hours prior to each event.

Will I receive a tax-credit for my donation?
Yes! By donating your unused tickets, you will receive tax credit from Vet Tix for the face value of your tickets.

To learn more about Vet Tix, visit https://www.vettix.org/index.php

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