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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NIL important?

NIL has emerged as a vital element in college athletics, and given Vanderbilt’s commitment to excellence, excelling in this realm is imperative. Through NIL, our student-athletes can convert personal brand exposure into essential life skills crucial for future success.

How can I help?

People or businesses looking to support Vanderbilt NIL efforts can do so in many ways. You can either enter into an agreement directly with a student-athlete, or use a third party such as Anchor Impact or Opendorse. You can also shop player-specific merchandise at one of our official brand partners, with a portion of the sale for each purchase going to the student-athlete. All of those resources can be found on this page.

Can I direct NIL contributions to a specific student-athlete or team?

Yes! You can connect with student-athletes individually through Opendorse or their agents. You can also work through Anchor Impact, an official third-party collective of Vanderbilt Athletics.

I am an incoming student-athlete. Will Vanderbilt help me bolster my NIL profile?

Yes. Vanderbilt Athletics provides a comprehensive support system through the Ingram Center for Student-Athlete Success for every Commodore.

What is a name, image, and likeness activity?

For definitions and compliance information, click here.

How can businesses or individuals who would like to engage with student-athletes directly regarding NIL contact them?

Individuals and businesses may contact student-athletes via Opendorse to engage with student-athletes regarding NIL opportunities. 

Can I provide non-cash compensation?

Yes, value-in kind deals are permissible provided there is an exchange of value (e.g. the student-athlete performs work in exchange for the item of value). 

Can I provide NIL compensation to a high school or transfer recruit so they will attend Vanderbilt?

No. Any compensation provided as an inducement to attend Vanderbilt is still impermissible.  

Who can I contact if I have more advanced NIL-related questions or am seeking additional information?

Please email with any additional questions relating to Name, Image, and Likeness.