Vanderbilt Athletics Speaker Request Form

* We are unable to confirm any speaking requests or community appearances at this time due to COVID-19.

All speaking engagements involving Vanderbilt Athletic representatives must first be approved by the Athletics Department’s Compliance Office, using the form below.  Please note that due to scheduling constraints and NCAA and institutional regulations not all speaking requests will be approved.

All requests for speakers should be made at least ONE MONTH in advance of the event.

** In lieu of an honorarium the University MAY request your group purchase a block of tickets corresponding to the requested coach’s sport; or a donation in the same amount may be made to the corresponding sport’s NCC Excellence Fund. 

Note: Fundraisers for athletic teams or prospective student-athletes will not be approved.
Speaking engagements are limited to organizations and events that are consistent with Vanderbilt’s mission, goals and values. We reserve the right to decline participation with events that don’t conform.
Request should be submitted at least ONE MONTH prior to event date. For questions please email, or call 615.343.8768