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Although schools have closed for the remainder of the academic year, we still want to encourage you to make reading a priority for your students. We hope that you can use the baseball reading challenge map (below) as a way to motivate your students to read by having them visibly mark down when they complete 20 minutes of reading.

Vanderbilt Athletics wants to be there for our Reading Club and Kids Club members which is why we are launching some reading videos on this page.  Watch some of our Vanderbilt coaches and student-athletes read their favorite book to you and your students. Not only do we hope your students enjoy these videos, but we hope it provides them with encouragement and motivation to keep reading and Anchor Down.

What is Mr. C’s Reading Club?

  • Vanderbilt Athletics, with support from Ingram Charities, launched a reading program for students in pre-K through fourth grade at Metro Nashville Public Schools. Each year students can complete three sport specific reading challenges (football, basketball and baseball).
    • Be on the lookout for more information about upcoming reading challenges.

What is the current Reading Challenge?

  • Baseball Reading Challenge: Complete nine reading assignments (at least 20 minutes of independent reading a day) by scoring one run during each inning using the scoreboard on the inside of your Reading Club flyer.

How do I participate?

  • Download the Reading Club Baseball Challenge to encourage your students to keep reading.
    • Each time you complete a reading assignment signoff on your progress using the blank spaces on the flyer’s map.
  • Due to the suspension of all spring sports for the remainder of the year, we are unable to offer free admission to students who complete the baseball reading challenge. Keep reading and Anchor Down!

Proud Sponsors of Mr. C’s Reading Club