Student-Athlete Mental Health and Performance

Student-Athlete Mental Health and Performance

Mission Statement

The Vanderbilt University Counseling Center supports the mental health needs of Vanderbilt students, encouraging their work toward their academic and personal goals. Our highly skilled and multidisciplinary staff develop evidence-based treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique background and needs by working together with our student athletes, campus partners, and community providers. The University Counseling Center also emphasizes prevention and education through collaboration and consultation focused on the development of the skills and self-awareness needed to excel in a challenging educational environment.

We offer culturally responsive services in a safe and affirming space, and are committed to engaging in an ongoing dialogue that provides our team with opportunities to grow in the context of their own cultural identity development.  The University Counseling Center is committed to understanding the role of diverse experiences and backgrounds in order to best promote mental health and wellbeing in the lives of individuals and in our community.


Jillian Balser
Therapist • University Counseling Center (Athletics Liaison)

Tim White
Sport Performance and Mental Health

Sydnee Collins, Ph.D.
Sport Performance Consultant

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