VU/UM Post-Game Quotes

June 3, 2007

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Game 4 Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Rich Maloney

Opening statement
Today when it was all on the line, Mike Wilson shows up and shows you his confidence. Then Nate Recknagel with the big hit, with a clutch hit when we had to have it, when Minor was pitching outstanding. We were struggling to get any runs and Nate broke the ice for us. And then Adam Abraham, he would not be denied and I’m so proud of the guys. Finding this win puts us in a great position and this certainly is one of the wins you need to have for success as a program. We knew we had a good team and on any given day we have a chance to win and I think the guys always believe that and today a great Vanderbilt team had to feel that.

On the resiliency of the team:
These kids have battled their whole careers, we now have guys who have been to regionals three times, and they came to give it everything they had and they’re laying it all on the line and they’re going to do everything for the team. We haven’t won anything yet but we’ve put ourselves in a great position. I know these guys are going to fight for it until the end..

Michigan pitcher Mike Wilson

Opening statement
It’s unbelievable. Everyone in the media was coming in talking about how this regional was the weakest of them all, and the No. 2 seed came in and not only beat the No. 1 team but their best closer in front of an electric crowd.

On the team’s resiliency:
It’s just unbelievable, their starter kept our team off balance but our team energy was electric, our little cheering section was electric, and this whole experience was unbelievable.

On his performance:
I felt like I was good enough to win today. When I put the ball in play the guys behind me made plays and that’s what it’s about, making plays. There were a couple mistakes here and there but fortunately my offense picked me up and we were able to win the game.

On the Vanderbilt rally in the ninth inning:
It’s all too familiar…You can never count Vanderbilt out, one through nine they’re the toughest outs I’ve faced this year. They’re unreal, they’ve definitely earned the No. 1 ranking, I just felt that today we had better energy and we wanted it more today.

Michigan second baseman Kevin Cislo:

On his game winning hit:
This is big, in front of an away crowd, seing their expressions go down and watching our guys come out pumped up. It’s by far the biggest hit I’ve ever had and hopefully we can continue tomorrow.

Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin

On bouncing back
They’ve just got to stay positive. We’ll make sure we’re positive tomorrow. I can guarantee you that. We’ll find a way to come back. They’re drained right now and emotionally they’re down, but I know they’re capable of doing this.

On plate discipline
Kids may be pressing a bit because they’re trying to get a hit, but they’re trying and that’s all I care about.

On the final at-bat
He’s just trying to hit the ball. Flaherty can hit. He’s a good hitter. 32-game hitting streak. That’s who I want at the plate. If it happens again, I’m going to want him up there again.

On pressing at the plate
They’re playing with a little backpack on their body and I’ve got to help them take that off. I’ve got to relieve some pressure from them. We need a game to get us going and hopefully it will be tomorrow at 2:00.

Mike Minor

On bouncing back
We lost this game, but we just need to come out with the same mindset.

On if he was surprised the team didn’t find way to win
It’s not that I’m surprised, but we come back a lot this year. I guess it was coming for us because we’ve come back so many times this year. We’ll bounce back tomorrow and take care of business.

Matt Meingasner

On offensive struggles
You just have to give credit to their guy. He made a lot of good pitches, kept the ball down in the zone a lot and just kept us off balance the whole day.

On his homer
It was 3-1 and I was just looking for a fastball that I could drive.

On bouncing back
We’ll bounce back tomorrow. I don’t think we’re too worried at all.