Baseball Game Day

Welcome to Hawkins Field, the home of Vanderbilt Commodores baseball.Hawkins Field


2020 Parking Map

2601 Jess Neely Dr.
Nashville, TN 37212

General Parking – 25th Avenue Garage – Single-game parking is available for free in 25th Avenue Garage, beginning one-and-a-half hours before first pitch for games played Monday through Friday. Fans must park in non-reserved spots and enter the garage via Highland Avenue. Fans may use the 25th Avenue Garage any time on Saturday or Sunday. Please note that on days where men’s basketball and baseball are played on the same day, there is a $15 fee to park in the 25th Avenue Garage.

Disabled Parking – Handicap parking is available for free in 25th Avenue Garage, beginning one-and-a-half hours before first pitch for games played Monday through Friday. Fans must enter the garage via Highland Avenue. Fans may use the 25th Avenue Garage any time on Saturday or Sunday. Please note that on days where men’s basketball and baseball are played on the same day, there is a $15 fee to park in the 25th Avenue Garage.

Road Closures – For SEC series only, Jess Neely Drive will close to vehicle traffic four hours prior to first pitch for Saturday games, and three hours prior to first pitch for Sunday games.

* Vanderbilt staff will make the final decision on any questionable items.

Alcohol – Fans may not bring outside alcohol into any athletic facility.

Animals – No animals of any kind are permitted inside Hawkins Field with the exception of service animals with proper documentation.

Backpacks – No backpacks are allowed inside Hawkins Field.

Bags/Purses – No bags or purses larger than 8.5”x11” are allowed inside Hawkins Field.

Banners/Flags/Signage – No unauthorized banners, signs, or flags may be brought into Hawkins Field. All items are subject to approval by Vanderbilt staff and must follow the guidelines in the Vanderbilt and SEC Code of Conduct.

Cameras – No spectator cameras with lenses over six inches (6”) long will be permitted. The use of flash is prohibited.

Carry-In Items – Spectators are not permitted to bring any food or beverage containers into the facility. Bottles, coolers, and containers of any kind are prohibited.

Noisemakers – No items that produce loud noises (air horns, whistles, etc.) are allowed in accordance with SEC regulations.

Radios and TVs – Radios and TVs are allowed only if they do not interfere with other guests’ enjoyment of the game.

Seatbacks/Seat Cushions – Seatbacks or seat cushions larger than a single seat are not allowed inside Hawkins Field.

Selfie Sticks – All selfie sticks are prohibited inside Hawkins Field.

Strollers – Strollers are not permitted inside Hawkins Field.

Tobacco – No smoking is permitted inside Hawkins Field. Electronic and smokeless cigarettes are also prohibited.

Umbrellas – No open umbrellas are allowed in Hawkins Field.

Video Recorders – All video recorders are prohibited.

Weapons – Weapons of any kind, including guns, knives, pocket knives, explosive devices, etc. are not permitted in Vanderbilt Stadium. Attempting to bring weapons of any kind into the stadium will result in immediate arrest.


Buy Tickets 

All spectators over the age of two must have a ticket for entry. Children two and under are expected to sit in the lap of a parent.

General Will Call is located at the Gate 3 box office next to the Hawkins Field entrance. Will call opens 2 hours prior to first pitch and closes at the top of the 5th inning.

Player-Guest Will Call is located at the far right gate of the Hawkins Field entrance.

Accessible Seating – Limited handicap seating is available. Spectators are encouraged to contact the Vanderbilt Ticket Office at (615) 322-4653 to make arrangements in advance.

For more ticket information, please visit the Vanderbilt Ticket Office webpage.


Gates open two-and-a-half hours prior to first pitch.

Fans may access the infield and outfield areas by using Memorial Gymnasium and the West Lobby ramp. Fans that exit the facility out of a gate will not be able to re-enter through another.

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– Drug use is prohibited inside Hawkins Field.

– Vanderbilt University policies, and state and federal laws will be in effect.

– Profanity and abusive language are highly discouraged during athletic contests. Guests using profanity or abusive language towards student-athletes, coaches, officials, staff or fellow spectators may have their ticket revoked and be removed from the venue. Throwing items onto the placing surface or directly at fellow spectators will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the venue.

– Unauthorized persons entering the playing surface will be removed from the venue and arrested.

– Failure to adhere to rules may prevent admission, cause removal from an event, and jeopardize the violator’s attendance at future Vanderbilt Athletics events, including forfeiture of season tickets and the opportunity to purchase single-game tickets.


Vanderbilt is committed to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our teams and fans to enjoy. Vanderbilt Athletics reserves the right to institute measures for any language, actions or demonstrations in violation of the Vanderbilt Athletics Fan Code of Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, ejection from the facility and revocation of future ticket privileges. Violation of laws or city ordinances may result in arrest or prosecution.

Fans are expected to…

• Show respect to all student-athletes, coaches, officials and surrounding fans at all times.

• Assume responsibility for their conduct.

• Comply with zero-tolerance policies related to any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive language.

• Adhere to requests and directives from game day event staff and law enforcement personnel regarding venue operation and emergency response procedures.

• Refrain from entering the playing surface without proper authorization or credentials.

Enjoy the game and Anchor Down.


Vanderbilt University Police, Emergency Management, and Athletics will monitor the threat of inclement and severe weather. As needed, announcements will be made over the Public Address system to provide updates to fans. In the event of lightning or other severe weather, the stadium must be evacuated. Fans will be directed to Memorial Gymnasium through the West Lobby ramp, and to their vehicles. Please follow directions from uniformed officers, security, ushers, and Vanderbilt Athletics staff. If you need assistance evacuating the seating area or stadium, please find the nearest event personnel. Please note that the stadium concourse and seating areas are not safe shelter areas.

Vanderbilt University personnel will not provide updates on the restart of play until it is determined that the threat of weather has subsided. Fans that do not shelter in Memorial Gymnasium should monitor Vanderbilt Baseball Twitter @VandyBoys. In this situation, re-entry to the stadium will be allowed.


Concessions – Concessions are available behind the third base line for infield seating. For fans seated in the outfield, concessions will be available in Memorial Gym and on the outfield patio. To learn more about the offerings, click here.

Merchandise/Apparel – There is a pop-up trailer on the concourse behind home plate, and an outfield location in Memorial Gym.

ATMs – ATM’s are located both in the concourse behind home plate and the West Lobby of Memorial Gym.

Accessibility – Seating areas may be accessed through the main gates in the infield, the right field outfield gate, and the center field gate. For handicap patrons, ramps are available at the center field and infield entrances. Fans may also go back and forth between the infield and outfield by using Memorial Gym and the West Lobby ramp.

Fan Information – The fan information table is located inside the main gates and to the right. Please speak with a guest services member if you need assistance during a game.

First Aid – LifeFlight is stationed in the outfield and at the First Aid room on the infield concourse. If you need assistance, Guest Services or Vanderbilt staff can contact LifeFlight.

Lost & Found – Valuable items are secured by Vanderbilt Police. Any other items are left at the fan information table at the main gate. Following the game, please call VUPD at (615) 322-2745 to follow up on a lost item.


For current information on television, radio, and streaming for Vanderbilt Baseball games, please view the baseball schedule.