The National Commodore Club (NCC) brings together Vanderbilt Athletics supporters dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for our student-athletes to achieve as leaders in the classroom, in their sport and in the community.

Gifts of all sizes, to any area of Vanderbilt Athletics, qualify you for National Commodore Club membership and allow you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our more than 350 student-athletes. Your generosity and passion for Vanderbilt Athletics is crucial to our continued success.

We are excited to share new features and benefits offered to members of the National Commodore Club, including: updated giving levels with exclusive benefits, a per-seat gift requirement for season tickets and parking, a restructured priority points system, and a new leadership giving society called the McGugin Society.


The largest undertaking of its kind in school history, the Vandy United Fund represents a bold step for Vanderbilt Athletics. A $300 million investment in student-athletes and athletics programs, the Vandy United Fund supports major facilities and operational enhancements.

Your gift helps support:

  • Football operations center (including training room and expanded locker room).
  • Basketball operations center for men’s and women’s programs.
  • McGugin Center expansion and a new Sports Performance Center.
  • Indoor football practice facility.
  • Upgraded football stadium fan experience (including premium seating options, hospitality space, upgraded food and beverage options and other fan amenities).


NCC Membership

The National Commodore Club has updated its giving levels and benefits. Please review the chart to learn more about the benefits you will receive.

Download the 2021-22 National Commodore Club Membership Guide >>

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Is my contribution to the Athletics General Fund/National Commodore Club tax-deductible?
Your contribution to the Athletics General Fund (NCC) is 100% tax-deductible if you decline all benefits.

What is the per-seat gift requirement attached to some seats?
Per-seat gift requirements are non-tax-deductible gifts in support of Vanderbilt student-athletes. These gifts are tied to premium seating areas for Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Baseball.

How will parking be assigned for the 2021 football season?
Parking will be assigned based upon NCC priority points. Spots can be requested upon season ticket renewal or purchase.

How will parking be assigned for the 2021–22 men’s and women’s basketball season?
Parking will be assigned based upon NCC priority points. Spots can be requested upon season ticket renewal or purchase.

How will parking be assigned for the 2022 baseball season?
Parking will be assigned based upon NCC priority points. Spots can be requested upon season ticket renewal or purchase.

What is the McGugin Society?
The McGugin Society serves as the leadership giving society of Vanderbilt Athletics, recognizing our top philanthropic supporters. Membership in the McGugin Society begins at a $50,000 contribution to Vanderbilt Athletics. Commitments can be annual gifts or pledged over five years.

How long do my McGugin Society benefits last?
Benefits last through the pledge commitment (annually) to Vanderbilt Athletics.

When are Athletics General Fund/NCC seating and parking contributions due?
Seating and parking contributions are due at the time of purchase or renewal of your seats and parking.

I’ve given to the NCC for a long time and been a season ticket holder for many years. Do my priority points and loyalty still matter?
Yes, your loyalty and established priority points still matter. All historical points are held within each season ticket holders account. In the new priority system, all season ticket holders and donors are rewarded for their annual investments to Vanderbilt Athletics.

Will the per-seat gift requirement that I paid during football renewal be applied toward my basketball or baseball season tickets, as my NCC gift had in the past?
No, per-seat contributions are required for separate sports when renewing or purchasing season tickets and parking.

Will payment plans be available for per-seat gift requirements?
Yes. Payment plans will be available through the Vanderbilt Ticket Office.

If I have a question about my season tickets or donation, who do I contact, the NCC or the Vanderbilt Ticket Office?
Please call the National Commodore Club Office at 615-322-4114 for questions regarding your donation. For questions regarding season tickets, please contact the Vanderbilt Ticket Office at 615-322-GOLD (4653).

I want to support Vanderbilt student-athlete scholarships. How do I make a gift?
To make a gift to support Vanderbilt student-athlete scholarships (Athletics General Fund) please call the NCC Office. Contributions also are accepted online or by mail.

I want to support NCC Excellence Funds. Do those gifts count toward my seats and parking?
No. Gifts to the Athletics General Fund (NCC) count toward your seats and parking.

I’m currently in an NCC pledge, will I still receive my priority seating and parking moving forward? Will I also receive a tax deduction?
Yes, pledge payments can be redirected. Gifts tied to seating and parking are not tax-deductible due to the Tax Act of 2017. Please call the National Commodore Club Office at 615-322-4114.

What is the renewal timeline for season tickets and parking?
Football season ticket(s) are available for renewal beginning March 17. New acquisitions will begin in June 2021. Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Baseball season ticket and parking information will be available Summer 2021.

I rolled over my football season ticket and parking costs to the 2021 season, how does this impact my renewal(s)?
We appreciate your loyalty to Vanderbilt Athletics. Your rollover has been credited to your account and can be applied to this upcoming football season. For questions, please contact the Vanderbilt Ticket Office.

I want to purchase football season ticket(s) and parking for the 2021 season. When can I purchase season ticket(s) and parking?
New season ticket sales will begin in June 2021.

Tickets and Parking

Beginning in 2021, seating and parking for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and baseball will include a non-tax-deductible gift in support of Vanderbilt student-athletes.

Football season tickets are now on sale. If you are a past football season ticket holder, you can sign in and view your invoice here.

Men’s and Women’s Basketball season tickets and parking passes are now on sale. If you are a past season ticket holder, you can sign in and view your invoice here.

For new orders please visit Ticketmaster here.

Click here to learn more about football premium seating.

Priority Points

Vanderbilt Athletics and the National Commodore Club have restructured the priority point system to provide an equitable process for allocating donor benefits. Under this system, all athletics donors will be assigned a priority point total and overall ranking that will be used to determine eligibility and priority for donor benefits.

Commitment to Vanderbilt AthleticsValue
Giving toward Capital Projects/Endowment*3 points for every $100
Giving toward any Athletics Annual Fund or Excellence Fund1 point for $100
Season ticket purchase*1 point for $100
Years of giving to Vanderbilt Athletics1 point for $100 per year
Alumni Credit25 points for graduating from Vanderbilt
Black and Gold Club Member50 points for being a Black and Gold Club member and lettering in a sport at Vanderbilt (one-time only per spouse)

*These categories are a change from the previous priority point model. Changes are active July 1, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are priority points?

Priority points provide a fair and transparent method for determining donor priority and guiding the distribution of benefits. Points are awarded for philanthropic commitment to Vanderbilt Athletics by honoring and rewarding donors’ generous financial support.

Why did NCC restructure the priority point system?

The priority point system offers a more equitable way to determine eligibility for benefits for all athletics donors, especially in cases when the benefits are not tied to a National Commodore Club membership.

How was the formula determined?

After researching and evaluating the priority point formulas at many other schools and determining our own priorities for rewarding athletics donors, the priority point formula was developed with input from Athletics administrators and Development administrators.

What is considered to be "National Commodore Club/Athletics gifts?"

All annual gifts to Capital Projects, Athletics General Fund (NCC), Excellence Funds (Sport-Specific), Athletics Scholarship Endowment or donations made through past Athletics fundraising events are counted in your priority points total. This also includes employer matching gifts.

How many points do I receive per contribution?

3 Priority Points are awarded for every $100 donated to Capital Projects or Endowment, and 1 Priority Point is awarded for every $100 donated to an Athletics annual fund or Excellence Fund.

Why are contributions made to Capital Projects/Endowment awarded more Priority Points than other contributions?

While all philanthropic donations made to Vanderbilt Athletics are significant, our future success is predicated upon fully funding capital projects and scholarships. Contributions made to capital projects and/or Vanderbilt’s endowment enable our student-athletes to receive a world-class education while competing at the highest levels of collegiate athletics.

Do former cheerleaders receive student-athlete points?

Yes, student-athlete points will be awarded to former cheerleaders.

Why are points only calculated for gifts/season tickets purchases after a certain date?
The last historical upload and recalculation was completed in June 2008 by Vanderbilt Athletics for historical season ticket purchases and donations. Since our current database dates to June 2008 and season ticket purchase records vary by sport, we can only award points for the gifts and season ticket purchases that we have on record. For tickets and donations prior to 2008, historical points have been added to reflect donor loyalty and support.
How are pledges considered in point totals?

Pledges are not counted in point totals. Points will accumulate as you pay your pledge, since points are allotted for gifts received. For example, if you make a pledge of $50,000 to be paid over five years, each annual installment of $10,000 will count toward your point total for that year.

How will priority points be used?

Priority points and rankings will be used to determine eligibility for and priority for access to several donor benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Parking space selection (Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Baseball)
  • Away game ticket purchases
  • Post-season ticket purchases (SEC Tournament, NCAA Tournaments, Bowl Games and CWS)
  • Exclusive donor events
  • Premium seating tickets and hospitality for football and men’s basketball
How will priority points affect my parking?

Reserved donor parking for football, basketball and baseball will continue to be determined by priority. However, for new parking space assignments or changes, priority point rankings will determine the order in which requests are fulfilled.

I purchase season tickets through a friend. Will I receive priority points for those tickets?

No. We are only able to award points for season tickets purchased in your name through the Vanderbilt Ticket Office or through the online ticket portal.

How can I increase my point total and ranking?

Staying active as an Athletics donor and season ticket holder will increase your priority point total each year. Making contributions to Capital Projects, Endowment and Athletics annual giving or increasing your current giving will make the biggest immediate impact on your points and ranking.

Will individual rankings be published?

No. Out of concern for confidentiality, there will not be a public listing of the priority point rankings. Only you will have access to your individual point total and ranking through the National Commodore Club or Vanderbilt Ticket Office.

Are my historical/ established priority points still active within my account?

Yes! Your established points are still active in your account. As long as you continue to invest in Vanderbilt Athletics, your priority will remain eligible for NCC benefits.

Are priority points transferrable to another existing or new account?

No. Priority points are not transferrable to an existing or new account. Priority points are accumulated through the established account named account.  For questions please call the National Commodore Club at 615-322-4114.

I am a Black and Gold Club Member. Do I receive priority points?

Yes! As a former letter winner, you receive a one-time credit of 50 points for being a former participant. Unfortunately, due to historical files, we may have missed your account. To update your contact information please contact the Black and Gold Club.

I am a former participant of Vanderbilt Band. Do I receive priority points?

Yes! As a former member of the Spirit of Gold, you receive a one-time credit of 50 points. Unfortunately, due to historical files, your participation may not be on your alumni record. To ensure your record is accurate, please visit

McGugin Society

The McGugin Society is a new leadership giving society created to recognize Vanderbilt’s most generous athletics donors. As the premier membership level of the National Commodore Club, the McGugin Society includes donors who make commitments to any area of Athletics, including the Athletics General Fund, sport-specific Excellence Funds, capital projects, and endowed scholarships.

Download the McGugin Society brochure >>

The society is named in honor of Dan McGugin, Vanderbilt football coach from 1904 to 1934. He holds the record for most wins of any coach in Vanderbilt football history and was recognized for his coaching innovations by being inducted into the inaugural class of the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951.

Philanthropic support from McGugin Society members makes a direct impact on our 350+ student-athletes, our coaches and our programs, in addition to strengthening the future of Vanderbilt Athletics. Members of the McGugin Society receive access to exclusive experiences, Vanderbilt gear, ticketing and seating benefits, invitations to NCC events and access to hospitality spaces, among other benefits.

For more information about the McGugin Society, please contact the National Commodore Club Office at 615-322-4114.

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Contact Us

The National Commodore Club staff thanks you for your support of Vanderbilt Athletics. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your NCC membership, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

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