Post-Game Quotes: VU 17 UF 6

April 28, 2007

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin

On game performance after the first inning:
“Well he’s a good pitcher and we got six on him. There was two things that could happen. We could continue the momentum or he could block it off. I think Augenstein did a good job of blocking it off at that point. And then they were in a situation where they scored continuous runs and it had that feeling like we weren’t going to stop them. They were putting consistent pressure on us. It wasn’t Mikey’s day, they handled him well. I think Tyler’s difference, after Pride’s double that was it. He retired fourteen straight. Until Petrie’s double he pitched a great game, he really did. He continued to get better and better and better. That was a was a clutch performance for him because they have some good hitters in that lineup and the way he settled them down like he did was very admirable.”

On the pitching situation going deeper into the season:
“I think any performance like that makes me feel better and makes us feel better and gives the kids more confidence, particularly Ty. In two days, Tyler Rhoden and Ty Davis have come in and had good performances. Ty Davis has stretched it out more than Tyler Rhoden but they’re four year guys in our program and they need to be pitching well at this time of the year.”

On Minor’s performance:
“I don’t know. DJ said his bullpen was a little rough had a hard time getting the ball down and I think that’s where it was. He did not throw a fastball below the belt all day. The only thing he really had command of was his changeup, but even that was [off?] It wasn’t his day, it just wasn’t his day. Now what we have got to do with him is get him back out there again and see if he can have a good week in the bullpen. It was just one of those days, he just wasn’t himself….”