Vandy Falls to Home-State Rival

No. 30 Vanderbilt falls to No. 17 Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Vanderbilt women’s tennis team fell 4-0 to 17th-ranked Tennessee at the Goodfriend Tennis Center on Sunday.

Bridget Stammel and Amy Stevens picked up a win in doubles, but it wasn’t enough as the Volunteers claimed the early advantage and continued with back-to-back wins in singles.

Tennessee took Court 2 to start off doubles, when Alana Wolfberg and Esther Adeshina defeated Holly Staff and Valeria Ray 6-2. Commodore duo Stammel and Stevens battled on Court 3, overcoming the Volunteers’ Catherine Aulia and Lauren Anzalotta 7-5, leaving the doubles decision to Célia-Belle Mohr and Lee on Court 1. Sofia Cabezas and Elza Tomase clinched doubles and took Court 1 7-5, and the Volunteers earned the early lead.

Mohr took the first set on Court 1, but Tennessee didn’t go away and grabbed points from several other courts. Wolfberg added a point to the board for Tennessee, defeating Ray 6-0, 6-1 on Court 3, and the score was 2-0. Staff and Stammel fell to their Volunteer opponents shortly after, and Tennessee clinched the match concluding their Senior Day in Knoxville with a 4-0 victory.

1. #8 Mohr (Vanderbilt) vs. #18 Cabezas 7-5, 5-0 unfinished
2. Tomase (Tennessee) def. #79 Stammel 6-4, 6-2
3. Wolfberg (Tennessee) def. Ray 6-0, 6-1
4. Lee (Vanderbilt) vs. Aulia 6-7 (2), 1-1 unfinished
5. Adeshina (Tennessee) def. Staff 6-3, 6-1
6. Stevens (Vanderbilt) vs. Anzalotta 6-7 (6), 1-0 unfinished

1. #15 Cabezas/Tomase (Tennessee) def. #33 Mohr/Lee 7-5
2. #79 Wolfberg/Adeshina (Tennessee) def. #83 Staff/Ray 6-2
3. Stammel/Stevens (Vanderbilt) def. Aulia/Anzalotta 7-5

Up Next: Vanderbilt travels to Athens this week to compete in the SEC tournament.