Vanderbilt/Austin Peay Post-Game Quotes

June 3, 2007

Recap | Box Score

NCAA Nashville Regional
Final: Vanderbilt 11 Austin Peay 5

Austin Peay Head Coach Gary McClure

Opening statement
Our guys came out really well today ready to play and I think they felt really good about it. I had guys telling me that we’re ok we’re gonna take care of things for you. It makes you feel good as a coach, I wish there was more I could have done. We jumped out to a lead, Tyler hit the big two run homer in the first and we were rolling. I thought we had a good matchup on the mound we just couldn’t continue. They did a good job hitting some pitches later on.

On the resiliency of the team
I think the other thing is that there starter wasn’t going to get us out, he didn’t have good enough stuff to get us out today… Davis is what made us let it get away. It wasn’t us, it was Davis. Davis was great, he throws hard enough, he has a pretty doggone good breaking ball that he likes to throw. He was the difference today.

On Vanderbilt as a team
They’re a special team, we saw last night that they can get beat but it doesn’t change my mind about them. They’re a great team, great pitching, good defense… they pitch it so well that they’re always in the game. There’s something magical happening with their season. I’m sure Coach Corbin is a whole lot more worried than I am but I’d be surprised if they don’t win this tournament somehow someway.

Austin Peay third baseman Tyler Farrar

On his homer
It was a good feeling to jump out early in the game and it’s always really good to have the No. 1 team on the ropes early in the game but Davis came in and shut us down a little bit, the hitters didn’t fold, we still put the ball in play but it wasn’t the same.

Austin Peay second baseman J.B. Gilbert

On trying to beat Vandy twice:
It is tough, they’re No. 1 in the country, you see great pitching, we’ve seen good pitching but not on this level. We knew the whole way that we could win this whole thing, we beat Memphis yesterday and were out early today.

Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin

Opening Statement
We did what we had to do in game one. To get some momentum going offensively, I felt like we did. Ty came in and did a great job – he put some bagels on the scoreboard which was needed because they rolled off some runs. You’ve got to credit that team. They’re scrappy. That’s not a team that’s a four seed obviously and they’re pitching probably was tired.

On the six-run third inning
It got the crowd in the game. Sometimes you can’t get that dugout energy you’re looking for because you don’t get guys on base and that’s what happened that inning.

On Ty Davis’ performance
You still have at least 18 innings left so that was a good job. It was a huge effort by him and very reminiscent of the game he pitched at home here where he came in, sputtered for the first inning but after that got it going and shut the bats down.

Ryan Flaherty

On team’s offense
We got into a little bit of a rut the first couple of games but that happened last weekend too in Birmingham.

Ty Davis

On his outing
After the first inning, I kind of caught my rhythm. I started being aggressive and coming right at them and when the offense picked up more runs, it just made it easier for me.