Thank You From John Augenstein

Vanderbilt senior announces decision to go pro

Dear Vandy Nation,

I committed to head coach Scott Limbaugh and Vanderbilt when I was 16 years old while sitting in our facility at Vanderbilt Legends Club. It has been a little more than six years now since my commitment that day.

Today, November 23, I have decided it is time for my story at Vanderbilt to end. I will begin my professional golf career moving forward.

I knew when I committed to Vanderbilt it was going to be a special four years. I was committing a great city, a prestigious university and a top program. Most importantly, I was committing to coach Limbaugh.

When I look back on my career at Vanderbilt, I won’t remember the tournaments we won or lost. I will forever remember the countless car rides to tournaments with the team and the dinner’s at coach’s house and the 6 a.m. workouts.

The bonds and friendships I have established at Vanderbilt are ones I will have the rest of my life. To all of my teammates and coaches, thank you for everything.

I could not be more fortunate to have attended Vanderbilt for the last four and a half years. Vandy Nation has supported the team and myself from the very start.

Vanderbilt golf is made up of a family and I know that I’ll always be a part of that family. Right now it is time for me to move on. I am so energized to finally start the career I have wanted to my whole life.

I love you Vanderbilt.

There are not enough thank you’s to show how appreciative I am of my time at Vanderbilt.

Anchor Down,

John Augenstein