Golf Game Day

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Legends Club, home of Vanderbilt Commodores men’s and women’s golf.


1500 Legends Club Lane
Franklin, Tennessee 37069

Free parking is available around the Vanderbilt golf house.

* Vanderbilt staff will make the final decision on any questionable items.

– Large bags

– Drugs and alcohol

– Weapons of any kind

– Video cameras and cameras with lenses longer than six inches

– Artificial noisemakers

– Animals (service animals must have proper documentation)

– Athletic equipment


Vanderbilt is committed to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our teams and fans to enjoy. Vanderbilt Athletics reserves the right to institute measures for any language, actions or demonstrations in violation of the Vanderbilt Athletics Fan Code of Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, ejection from the facility and revocation of future ticket privileges. Violation of laws or city ordinances may result in arrest or prosecution.

Fans are expected to …

• Show respect to all student-athletes, coaches, officials and surrounding fans at all times.

• Assume responsibility for their conduct.

• Comply with zero-tolerance policies related to any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive language.

• Adhere to requests and directives from game day event staff and law enforcement personnel regarding venue operation and emergency response procedures.

• Refrain from entering the playing surface without proper authorization or credentials.

Enjoy the event and Anchor Down.


– At no time should any non-credentialed person attempt to enter the competition or team areas. Doing so is grounds for removal from the park and may result in arrest.


– Lost and found items can be brought to any Vanderbilt Athletics or Legends staff. Following the event, please call 615-791-8100 or 615-343-2012 if you have lost an item.

– If you have issues during an event, please speak with any member of Vanderbilt Athletics.