SEC Announces Permanent Baseball Opponents

Vandy's permanent opponents will be Kentucky, Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Southeastern Conference on Thursday announced the two permanent opponents for each school in the future SEC baseball scheduling format.

Vanderbilt’s two opponents will be Tennessee and Kentucky.

The format will take effect beginning with the 2025 season, the first season in which the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas will participate in SEC competition.

As previously announced, beginning in 2025 SEC baseball teams will play a three-game series against two permanent opponents and eight rotating opponents for a total of 30 conference games. Standings will be kept in a single-division format, eliminating divisional standings.

The permanent SEC baseball opponents were determined based on a number of factors including geography, traditional opponents and strength of schedule. The two permanent opponents for each school are listed below:

SEC Baseball Permanent Opponents
Alabama: Auburn, Tennessee
Arkansas: Ole Miss, Missouri
Auburn: Alabama, Georgia
Florida: Georgia, South Carolina
Georgia: Florida, Auburn
Kentucky: South Carolina, Vanderbilt
LSU: Mississippi State, Texas A&M
Ole Miss: Mississippi State, Arkansas
Mississippi State: Ole Miss, LSU
Missouri: Oklahoma, Arkansas
Oklahoma: Missouri, Texas
South Carolina: Kentucky, Florida
Tennessee: Vanderbilt, Alabama
Texas: Texas A&M, Oklahoma
Texas A&M: Texas, LSU
Vanderbilt: Tennessee, Kentucky