Post-Game Quotes: VU 10 UF 1

April 27, 2007

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin

I don’t know if it’s Florida or not. Quite frankly I thought we came in and took in and out tonight copped out pretty short. I said a couple of words to them coming off the field. I guess, I don’t know, I might be a little bit panicked because we’re taking exams and not knowing where their minds are. …I think initially we were there but the more we entered the game it looked like we weren’t.

On Price:
“There were a couple of pitches that looked like they faded away from the right hand hitter. I just think that in the past three weeks I’ve seen him pitch it’s been about the same every time. I can’t think of anything that’s different, which points to a lot of consistency.”

On de la Osa:
“I think he’s confident right now. He thinks he’s a leader with a bat. He deserves everything he gets because he’s a hard worker. He really does. He puts a lot of time into the game. The game comes back to help those who pay attention to it. I’m happy to see him continuing to get better as a player. He hasn’t figured everything out but he’s certainly progressed thus far.”

On offensive success:
“Well big innings. You strive for those types of innings and they’re tough to come by but when you get those types of innings, teams usually win. Feinberg got a good hit and that was his first one of the game. I was glad to see Flaherty have a drive. Alvarez’s ball was crushed. There were a lot of well hit balls that particular inning and that was a difference maker right there.”