Post-Belmont Game Quotes

Nov. 23, 2007

Recap | Box Score

Vanderbilt Head Coach Melanie Balcomb:

On positives from the game:
“We’ve been working on a few things. That doesn’t mean it translates into the game. One of the big things we’ve been trying to do is take care of the basketball better and we only had 10 turnovers. We got to the free throw line and took 35 free throws and shot 82 percent. We’ve been shooting a lot of free throws lately, shooting 100s at a time and putting pressure on them. That was nice to see that we’ve built some confidence in getting to the line and making free throws. We’re working on getting more offense off our defense. We had 40 points off our defense to their three. We worked really hard yesterday on defense. We didn’t work on offense at all. We’re trying to get more points off our defense and I thought that was huge.”

On the play of Liz Sherwood:
“I think one of the things was getting off to a better start and Liz got off to a better start. She may have missed her first shot but she was aggressive going after the basketball and went at the basket. That’s what we want is for her to be aggressive from the start. We are looking to get the ball to her obviously and we need her to be aggressive right away and I think that helped build our confidence and we wanted to get after Belmont early.”

On having an off day before Vanderbilt’s next game:
“This is a win-win this year. I think we have three good things happening. We have a local them here. We had a good crowd today for that. We have two really quality teams and programs and great coaches. Having the day in between, with our football team playing Wake Forest, I think it’s a really good weekend at Vanderbilt. A busy one but an exciting one for people. I’m hoping that a lot of people come out for the football game and for our second game. I thought we had a great crowd for what you would have thought over a holiday.”