I Am More...

Jan. 24, 2018

Sam DeFabrizio is a senior on Vanderbilt’s cross country team. But as he tells it, he and his fellow student-athletes are much more than that.

“It starts with asking, what do I do outside of my sport, and what do I care about?” DeFabrizio said. “So many of us define ourselves by being passionate about our sport, but ultimately it’s important to get away from that, too. Many student-athletes do amazing things at Vanderbilt athletics, from a focus on service to artists to people who are passionate about their country. It’s good to celebrate those who do things outside of their sport.”

DeFabrizio and many VU athletes strive to define themselves as more than just an athlete. As president of Vanderbilt’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, DeFabrizio is helping launch the Commodores’ “I am More…” campaign, which highlights student-athletes’ array of accomplishments away from their respective sports.

In the coming weeks, Vanderbilt Athletics will spotlight student-athletes who harbor passions away from sports. From Abbey Carlson, a member of the golf team and a licensed pilot, to Sam Dobbs, a towering tight end who moonlights as a talented musician, the Commodores encourage an all-encompassing student-athlete experience at Vanderbilt.

“You have great academics and great athletics, and there are so many at Vanderbilt who embrace things outside of your athletic role,” DeFabrizio said. “Your world doesn’t have to end at athletics; you have a world outside of McGugin. And that’s not just an ad pitch. That’s true to form to what Vanderbilt is about.”

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