Dance Recruitment

Dance Team Recruitment Information

Please complete the form below and read below for highlight video information.

Highlight videos must be submitted for consideration and to begin the process. It is recommended to submit your video as an unlisted YouTube link. Videos can be submitted for high school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students.

*Student-athletes looking to be recruited for the 2024-2025 team should submit questionnaire above along with highlight video link by March 31, 2024.

Highlight videos should show the following content in this order (more information for each section is below).
1. Question and Answers
2. Skills Across the Floor
3. Tumbling/Hip Hop Tricks
4. Combinations

1. Question and Answers
Please answer the following questions (in detail) in your video:
– Introduction (name, hometown, high school and/or dance studio)
– Why you would like to be on the Vanderbilt University Dance Team?
– What do you know about our program?
– Why would you be an ideal candidate for our team?
– What is your best/ proudest athletic memory as a competitor?
– An area where you struggle athletically.
– What do you hope to pursue academically in college?
– Any other information you wish to share.

2. Skills Across the Floor (Please demonstrate as many of the skills on the list as you can)

  • Triple and Quad Pirouettes
  • Grand Jete
  • Calypso
  • Leap in Second
  • Capezio jump/firebird
  • Toe Touch and Double Toe Touch
  • Leg Extension (front & side)
  • Turns in second (at least 2 – 8 counts)
  • Leap combo with 3 of your best jumps/leaps that aren’t included on the list above

3. Tumbling/Hip Hop Tricks (Please demonstrate as many of the skills on the list as you can)

  • Left aerial
  • Right aerial
  • Headspring
  • Front Handspring
  • Kip up
  • Rubber Band
  • Any additional tumbling or tricks you may have

4. Combinations

  • 30 second pom combo of your choosing that demonstrates your pom motions, technique and skills
  • 30 second jazz combo that shows your technical abilities
  • 30 second hip hop combo that demonstrates at least one skill or trick

Videos do not have to be produced in a professional manner, but your image and appearance, question and answer portion, and skills demonstrated should highlight all of your strengths as a student-athlete in a professional manner.

For questions, please email Head Coach Kelsea Giantonio at