Behind the V: Chrissy Oberg

Dec. 4, 2013

Chrissy Oberg is a junior from Spartanburg, S.C., and a member of the Vanderbilt women’s swimming team.


Last book you read?
I just finished re-reading The Pillars of the Earth, one of my favorite books.

Favorite movie?
It’s too hard to pick just one, but I could watch Gone With the Wind, The Godfather or Saving Private Ryan any day.

Plane tickets to anywhere. Where would you travel?
Jerusalem. It has been the center of so many events through history and I think it would be amazing.

Name a guilty pleasure.
Binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I’m almost done with The West Wing. I think I’ll start Parks and Recreation next.

Something you do outside of school/work?
I’m working on Senator Lamar Alexander’s reelection campaign this semester. I really enjoy being involved in it and getting to know the Nashville community better through it.

Best advice you’ve received?
Aim high, write it down, do it now.

Why did you get in to swimming?
I did summer league swimming with my country club when I was young. My brothers and I were pretty good, so our parents put us in club swimming year round. Seventeen years later, we’re all still involved in one way or another.

How did you end up at Vanderbilt?
During the recruiting proces,s I decided to come on a trip to Vanderbilt kind of out of the blue. I had no connection to it or Nashville. The only things I knew about Vandy were that it was in the SEC and a good school. I had my heart set on somewhere else after my recruiting trip there the weekend before my Vanderbilt trip, but I decided I still should come see Vanderbilt since I had never even been to its campus. That turned out to be a great thing because halfway through my weekend here I knew this was the school for me. Every little hesitation I had about my college choice disappeared and I fell in love with it. In the three years since that trip I have come to find that Vanderbilt really is the perfect place for me.

If you weren’t in sports, what would you be doing?
Traveling. That’s the one thing that being a swimmer has prevented me from doing as much as I would like. I’m hoping to go on a Maymester through Vandy this summer so I’m excited about that!

Name one of your talents outside of swimming.
Cooking. I’ve always loved to watch people cook, but after living in an apartment I’ve realized I really enjoy doing it myself. My favorite thing to make is homemade pizza.

Favorite childhood toy?
Nintendo 64. Mario Kart tournaments are still high stakes at our house during the holidays.

Do you have pets?
I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Teak.

If you could have dinner with three people, who would you choose?
If they had to be alive, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice. If it was anyone in history I’d choose Michelangelo, Margaret Thatcher and Thomas Jefferson.

How do you want to be remembered?
As someone who left things better than they were when I arrived.

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