VU-Arkansas post game quotes

Feb. 7, 2017

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February 7, 2017

Vanderbilt Head Coach Bryce Drew
Opening Statement:
“Arkansas got us at our place and it definitely left a sour taste in our mouths, especially how well we played up until the last three minutes of that game Our experienced seniors Nolan and Luke were very fired up to come back and have a chance to right that wrong. We got off to a sensational start, moved the ball, and made shots. Defensively, that was one of our better efforts for a 40-minute game.”

On shooting:
“Our guys were moving the ball and making the extra pass. A lot of our possessions went deep into the clock and our guys were patient with those final seconds. We were able to get good looks as the shot clock was going down.”

Senior Nolan Cressler:
On losing to ARK earlier in the season:
“It was a huge punch to the gut, being at home and giving up that kind of lead. I think immediately the next game we corrected the things we did wrong down the stretch in that game with Arkansas. I think we have shown progress from there.”

Arkansas Head Coach Mike Anderson
Opening Statement:
“The way that game started, Vanderbilt was on fire and we couldn’t do anything to slow them down. To our guys’ credit, in the second half we played with more resilience, fight and defensive awareness. They’re a great shooting team, and we allowed them to get going tonight. It seemed like they didn’t miss a shot. I think they made 10 threes in the first half and put on a display. I thought we were a little flat. With 12 minutes to go in the first half, we had 4 points. It seemed like there was a lid on the basket and we couldn’t get anything going. You see the results of that. We gave up one that really hurts at home.”

On recent losses:
“It’s unbelievable especially how we have been playing. I thought we played one of our better games against Alabama. The toughest one was the Missouri game. We had 17 turnovers. Then Vanderbilt comes in here with the mindset of winning one on the road and we didn’t have an answer for them tonight. They had five guys who all hit a three point shot. They were dialed in, and we weren’t dialed in to stop them tonight.”

On turning it back around:
“It will take continued commitment of everyone. You have to be all in, all out, all game.”

Arkansas guard Dusty Hannahs
On the loss:
“It’s almost hard to put into words. It’s disheartening. You go to the Missouri game and play a team that hasn’t won a game in conference and blow that one, and then you go into your home court and lose big. It’s tough. We were feeling really good about ourselves and felt like we were really going to bounce back from that Oklahoma State game. We need to get back in the gym and figure stuff out. We are disappointed, but haven’t given up by any means, but this is tough. I can’t believe it. “

On Shooting:
“We’ve been coming out in holes recently. We have been down in the beginning of a lot of our games and come back, but this one was worse than all of those. They were hitting shots and we were maybe 10% at one point. We had 4 points about 10 minutes into the game while they are flaming threes up. We never bounced back from it. We tried to get it going second half, but it was one of those train wreck type of games. “

“We’ve let the setback become another setback and we don’t have any more time to waste. We need to right it right now. We have seven games left in the season and then the conference tournament, there’s no time to play around anymore.”