Post-Tennessee State game quotes

Dec. 19, 2008

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Vanderbilt 98 – Tennessee State 82
December 19, 2008 – Memorial Gym
Attendance: 4,061

Melanie Balcomb, Vanderbilt Head Coach

On Hannah Tuomi and Christina Wirth in the First Half:
“TSU was certainly smaller than we are, so we used a lot of high level passes. In that way, Tina (Wirth) and Hannah (Tuomi) worked well for us. Tina threw some great passes and Hannah was moving well. With Tina in the high post and Hannah in the low post, they just clicked really well.”

On lead:
“TSU did a great job at halftime. We just didn’t play well in the second half at all. We have three games in four days and we’ve been practicing that way and we did not come out and play like that at all. They kept pressing harder and we couldn’t respond. We subbed more so our starters could get a break for the number of games we have in the next few days and it obviously did not work well, so we’re going to have to work on that for our next two games. We have to play better off the bench. We didn’t make adjustments.”

On Jessica Mooney:
“You really have to impress me after a loss. She (Mooney) really performed well in practice and so she got the start. She needs to get confidence, but that will come after more playing time as a starter. She brings good energy when she starts and when she comes off the bench. She’s vocal and that’s what we needed tonight.”

Vanderbilt Players

Hannah Tuomi, forward

On Capitalizing on Height:
“We were just doing what we needed to in the post. We were bigger, faster, and stronger than they were and I think that helped our play in the first half to compensate for our play in the second half.”

On Playing Chemistry with Christina Wirth:
“I have always looked up to Tina. We’re always on the same page, we always know what we need to do without saying a word. I really trust her being in there.”

Christina Wirth, guard/forward

On Offense:
“Our offense has been struggling lately in games, but our points in transition were better tonight. That’s what we’ve been working on in practice and I think that showed tonight.”

On Jessica Mooney:
“I think she played great tonight. We’re confident no matter who is starting or what the situation, but she is great to have as a point guard. She really pushes well.”

On Second Half:
“I am really disappointed in our play in the second half because it feels like we lost the game. It was a complete 180 degree turn around, we just didn’t play the same at all. We lost the second half to them.”