Post-Radford game quotes

Dec. 2, 2008

Recap | Box Score

Vanderbilt 78 – Radford 41
December 2, 2008 – Memorial Gymnasium
Attendance: 3,910

Melanie Balcomb, Vanderbilt Head Coach

On play during the game:
“We started off really well defensively. We’ve been trying out different defenses all the time. [Radford] was a team that pressured us. Even when they were in zone they pressured us. What we did was we dribbled. We took a lot of quick shots and tried to go fast, and we looked bad. We weren’t playing like us; we were playing like a lot of the teams we play against. We were taking alright shots, but every one was challenged. Every layup was challenged, so our shooting percentage wasn’t good. We were forced into taking quick shots. We talked at halftime about slowing down and getting more patient. Creating space to make a pass without dribbling. We’d rebound the ball and they’d dig at it, so we’d dribble really fast and throw it away. We want to go slow on offense and fast on defense. I was very pleased with the defensive effort. Offensively, I think our focus was good, but we just hadn’t played against that type of defense and that took us off guard.”

On playing against a different type of defense:
“I enjoyed it. Even in their zone they played some matchup zone and gave us different things. It seemed so open so we tried to jump on it real fast. We talked about a lot of things at half time that we saw, and then went out and did a better job in the second half.”

On Chanel Chisholm:
“She’s playing very confident, and is building on that confidence every night. She works hard every day in practice and leads by example. I really like her body language and how she’s carrying herself right now. Good things are happening for her, and for the team when she’s in.”