Post-Eastern Kentucky game quotes

Nov. 19, 2008

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Commodore Postgame Quotes
Vanderbilt vs. Eastern Kentucky
Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008

Melanie Balcomb, Vanderbilt Head Coach

On overall outlook of the game:
“I think we really started strong. We were great on defense, especially. Weforced a number of turnovers, shot clock violations, and so on. They (EKU)definitely did their homework and were tough on us in the paint, so we justhad to hit from the outside.”

On attitude throughout the game:
“I think we kept playing hard. We had a good opportunity to use our subs andfigure out different configurations. I think (Jennifer) Risper wasincredibly versatile tonight on post. She maintained her defensiveintensity.”

On the bench:
“I think we are really looking to Chanel Chisholm and Jessica Mooney offthe bench. They have great energy and they’re really moving into leadershiproles when they are on the court. Their consistency is where we need it tobe. We are looking to find more depth. We want to get to at least eight or nineplayers who we can look to at any given point in the game, starters orreserves. I also think Ashlee Bridges is building confidence and that’s whatwe need.”

On Chanel Chisholm¹s role in the 2008-09 season:
“I think she is certainly picking up where Liz Sherwood left off (Sherwoodwas was a two-time SEC Sixth Woman of the Year). She is coming off the benchand giving the team a spark. She is making the most of the minutes she has.”

On locker room post-game:
“I told them we needed to work on body language and energy from start tofinish. I also think that bench needs to continue to work on making the mostof their opportunities.”

On being on the road so early in the season:
“I don’t really like having road games early, but we need to play inenvironments that are going to make us better. I think the Michigan and EastTennessee games will be difficult, but overall these away games will prepareus for those tough SEC road games.”

Chrissy Roberts, Eastern Kentucky Head Coach

Opening Statement:
“Vanderbilt is a very nice team, as we all know. We just got behind early andcouldn’t keep up. I was really concerned about our effort tonight and Idon’t think we played as hard as we could.”

On preparation for tonight’s game vs. Vanderbilt:
“I think that no matter how much film you watch, how many stats you read,that you can be caught off guard and overwhelmed if you don’t play welltogether. Vanderbilt played well together. They have a great understandingand flow that was just too much for us tonight.”

On teaching points for tonight’s game:
“I just told the girls (after the game) don’t hang your head. I walked into(Memorial Gym) with a smile and I’ll walk out of here with a smile. Weknocked down some shots, our 2-3 zone was decent. We need to learn from thisgame and move forward.”

On Hannah Tuomi:
“Wow, she was strong. She worked the whole time on her block. She is anincredibly solid player and she is certainly building on the breakout seasonshe had last year.”