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Left to Right: Leigh Ann Hawkins (wife of the late Charles Hawkins), Vice Chancellor David Williams, Jim Arnold, Charles Davis, Roy Skinner and John Rich (son of the late Herb Rich)

July 21, 2009

Vice Chancellor David Williams unveiled Vanderbilt’s 2009 Hall of Fame Class in a news conference on Tuesday afternoon. In total, Williams announced the enshrinement of nine inductees, who join last year’s inaugural 12-member class in the hall of fame.

Those who will be inducted into the 2009 class are Jim Arnold (football), Charles Davis (basketball), Julie Ditty (tennis), Charles Hawkins (baseball and football), Ming Hsu Robinson (swimming), Herb Rich (football), Wendy Scholtens Wood (basketball), Roy Skinner (head basketball coach) and Brandt Snedeker (golf).

Of the inductees, three — Jim Arnold, Charles Davis and Roy Skinner — were able to attend the announcement, and each was still trying to comprehend what it meant to be bestowed with such an honor.

Jim Arnold
On his induction into the hall of fame:
“I was very surprised and honored by my inclusion. I didn’t find out who my classmates were until today, so that has been one of the most exciting parts. I’m just honored and humbled.”

On where this induction ranks among his honors:
“It is the highlight of my career. Of all honors I’ve ever had, this is absolutely the top of the list.”

Charles Davis
On Vanderbilt making selections by looking at more than just athletic success: “For a university to acknowledge such athletes as myself and look at humanitarian things as opposed to just what happens on the court says a lot about the school. I’m proud of that and honored to be a part.”

On where he found out about his selection:
“I was actually in Costa Rica on the beach when I got the news. It is an honor that most people do not get to experience. This is something I’m very excited about and is something I will take to the grave with me.”

On if he was caught off guard by the selection:
“It did surprise me. I was wondering am I old enough to be inducted into the hall of fame? I was surprised, but happy to be one of the inductees.”

Roy Skinner
On being selected to the hall of fame:
“The program here is super and I still feel like I’m a part of it. To have this on top of it is something I will hold onto forever. I was very surprised and so excited. It is quite an honor.”

On seeing the athletic program succeeding:
“Vanderbilt is still close to me and it is great to see them winning. I went to all of the basketball games until just a couple of years ago and I still went to a lot two years ago. Because of health issues, I just went to one last year, but I’m still a big supporter. It is great to see football winning because it had been a long time. I’m just proud of their success.”