Catching Up With Christie Hauck

Former Vandy football standout on life after Vanderbilt

by Andrew Maraniss

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Part of an ongoing series, catches up with former Vanderbilt football standout Christie Hauck.

Hauck was a defensive back for the Commodores from 1967-69 and made 11 interceptions during that time.

Hauck recently took some time for a Q&A to update his life and career: What is your occupation these days, or what did you do before you retired?

Hauck: “I own a small food retail/manufacturing (gelato) business.”

How has COVID-19 affected you and your family?

“Personally, no, not directly, thank goodness. Business-wise, it’s another story. My business is shut down. My wife, Melissa (’72), is a nurse and was grounded by her doctors to work only at home.”

What has been the hardest adjustment?

“Other than finding toilet paper, it hasn’t been too difficult.”

What has been the most pleasant surprise in these circumstances?

“I have actually loved every minute of the shelter-in-place. Picked up woodworking a few years ago and have been able to complete many unfinished projects.”

Any good books, movies or games to recommend?

“Anyone who hasn’t read Strong Inside should read it. Also, A Hard Rain by VU grad Frye Gaillard is terrific. If you really want to feel not worthy read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.”

What was your all-time favorite moment as a Commodore?

“It has to be beating Alabama and the Bear (Bryant) in 1969.”

What do you miss most in the sports world right now?

“ESPN’s Top 10 highlights.”

Any advice or words of wisdom to Commodore Nation to help us get through this?

“Yes. Heard this message at virtual church the other day: ‘Wash your hands! And, wash some feet along the way!’ Meaning, help someone else out.”

Anything else you’d like to say about your time at Vanderbilt or what you’ve been up to since you left?

“To this day, the best friends, relations and memories come from my days at VU. Many of us meet once a month to remember how great we thought we were. All former football players are welcome.”