VU-Davidson postgame quotes

Nov. 22, 2012

Recap | Box Score

Davidson 75, Vanderbilt 62
November 22, 2012
Old Spice Classic


(On game)
We had some real mental lapses where we didn’t pick up in transition and guys got by us for layups. There were what I consider to be some inexplicable things. You know you’re going to get some of those things when you have a young team, but some of those need to be upgraded.

(On Davidson)
They have a good team. They’re a balanced team that can get you inside and outside. We haven’t established any kind of an inside game yet. Guys are playing through mistakes but we’ve still got guys not doing things in games the way they do in practice. We probably have to shift the lineup a bit because we can’t go on like this.

(On lineup)
Kedren (Johnson) was good, he was aggressive, took care of the ball and attacked the rim. I thought he settled a little bit in the first half. But when you give up 63 percent in the second half, chances are things aren’t going well for you. We’ve had some teams that have been talented enough to give you some margin for error, but this team doesn’t allow that. We’re having to play Kyle (Fuller) and Kedren way more minutes than we’d like.

(On Marist game Friday)
We’ve got to figure out a way to get better tomorrow than we were today, and there really isn’t any practice time. Some of the things that happened today aren’t practice time issues. We always talk about transition defense and covering for each other.

GUARD Kedren Johnson

(On second half play)
In the first half I feel like I let my team down with all the turnovers. So I tried to come out a little bit more aggressive in the second half.


(On team’s overall performance)
I’m very pleased with the overall defensive effort of this team. I think from top to bottom of the roster, they performed like a unit. That has been our biggest drawback – that we have not put together 40 minutes of defense. Tonight, despite the 44 percent shooting from Vanderbilt, I thought we had a very workmanlike team defensive effort and that’s something that has been missing and I’m delighted to see it show up today.

(On second-chance points from turnovers)
We’re not noted for forcing turnovers or creating points from either turnovers or blocks, so that’s something that has not been part of our game plan. When we can get a couple of baskets like that, like Jordan Barham’s runaway dunk in the first half, which was one of the real visible ones, it’s been very helpful. It was very helpful for us today because Vanderbilt is long and athletic and forced us down to the bottom of the shot clock on numerous occasions.

(On game plan for West Virginia)
They are a Big 12 team who is going to be physical and athletic. Historically, they’re as tough and as well-schooled as we’re going to face. They rebound ferociously so we will probably do rebounding drills in the hallway of the hotel tonight just in preparation for them.


(On his offensive play during second half)
The coaches came out and told everybody to just be aggressive and tentative with the ball and make a decision and do it with purpose. The first half we were off to a slow start. Vanderbilt is a great team and they doubled us on the dribble. We really don’t see that a lot, just right when you get the ball. They had a great game plan so in the second half we came and adjusted. The coaches did a great job of scouting and putting us in the right position. My teammates helped me out, and we helped each other out.


(On recovering from his high ankle sprain)
Health-wise, this is definitely the best I’ve felt so far. I think more than the ankle being a problem was the rhythm getting back into things after not having played a lot. Coming into the New Mexico game was tough. The rhythm is something you definitely have to get back. It felt good tonight and hopefully continues that way going forward.

(On team’s ball movement)
We know that if we stay in our system and we do that, we’re a good team. We have so many weapons and guys that can really move the ball when we stay in our roles and do what we do.