VU-Alabama A&M postgame quotes

Dec. 15, 2012

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings
Opening Comments:
“I thought we defended well. We did some things that made me really pleased. We did some things that we certainly could have done better. It’s kind of tough to gauge what happened. It was a scattered game. I knew it could have been like that coming in.”

“I thought we would have made free throws… Our defense looked good in both halves other than that we got beat a few times in transition.”

“Based on how we performed in the shoot-around, I thought we might score 100. We were crisp, sharp and ready.”

On Vanderbilt Guard Kedren Johnson:
“If you’re going to defend him up the floor, he’s going to beat you. That probably got us a bunch of easy baskets.”

On Vanderbilt Center Josh Henderson:
“We didn’t get him the ball enough in the first half. I thought Josh played well tonight. The further the game went along, the more we looked for him. He did well on defense too. He was disruptive a lot defensively.”

On Vanderbilt Guard A.J. Astroth’s Health:
“He was good enough to practice, so he was good enough to play.”

On Vanderbilt outrebounding Alabama A&M 38-29:
“I felt like in the first half, I was disappointed. In the second half, we did a better job. [Alabama A&M] got five to seven offensive rebounds in a six to seven minute stretch in the first half. I thought we did a better job in the second half of limiting them.”

On Vanderbilt Forward Rod Odom:
“We were aggressive, which was good to see. He did a good job on offense. I liked that he missed shots he could have made, but played through it, and came back and made shots behind them.”

On Vanderbilt Guard Dai-Jon Parker:
“I’m excited for him to be back. He has been a bit limited [with a hip injury], but he’ll hopefully be able to make it back. I hope he’s at full strength. It will help our rotation. It will help Kedren [Johnson] and Kyle [Fuller] not have to play that many minutes. He’s good defensively, he’s a good athlete.”

Vanderbilt center Josh Henderson
Opening Comments:

“We didn’t play as well defensively as we thought we would. We gave up a lot of offensive rebounds we shouldn’t have, so we’ll be working on that in practice, working on our defense.”

On getting more shots tonight:
“In the past, I’ve been getting zero shots or one shot (a game) and that was mainly from me not getting deep enough and in the right position. Today (my teammates) saw me open down there and I was making shots.”

Vanderbilt guard Kedren Johnson:
Opening Comments:

“We tried to extend the lead and not give them any hope.”

On Alabama A&M coming out in a zone to start the game:
“It shocked us a little bit because we weren’t expecting it, but we were able to handle it because we’ve been practicing zone plays all week. We put in a couple new zone plays and we ran them pretty well.”

Vanderbilt forward Rod Odom:
Opening Comments:

“I definitely felt good tonight, I felt relaxed and I was getting a lot of open looks.”

On their record now:
“Coach (Stallings) really wants us to focus on getting better than the day before and in doing that we’ve gotten a lot better the past few games.”