Vanderbilt-Saint Louis postgame quotes

Dec. 30, 2013

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Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Comments:
“Congratulations to Saint Louis. They really played well in the second half. I thought our second half ball control was abysmal. Our rebounding in the second half was really lacking. I thought we played well in the first half… We took the fight to them [in the first half].”

On Saint Louis’ Game-Ending Run:
“We kept turning the ball over. We had 12 turnovers and gave up 9 offensive rebounds in the second half. Against a team like Saint Louis, [that’s tough]. They played well defensively. I thought, for the most part, our defense was okay.”

On Vanderbilt’s Defense Against Saint Louis Forward Dwayne Evans:
“He’s a focal point of their team. We did a good job on him. [Jordair] Jett kept hurting us and beating us to the goal.”

On Vanderbilt’s Effort:
“No one on our team played well enough for us to win. We don’t have a margin for Rod [Odom] to go 3-for-15 or anything like that. Rod has been big for us, [but had a tough night].”

On Vanderbilt’s Guard Play:
“Our guard play just wasn’t quite as good in the second half. You have to credit [Saint Louis] for that… We just need to do what we did in the first half in the second half. We’re throwing blind passes and sailing [the ball] out of bounds.”

Guard Kyle Fuller
On having the game in grasp until late 2nd half:
“I definitely felt like we had it in the first half but we got careless and just out-competed in the second half.”

On what you (Kyle Fuller) were able to do well in that first half and come in with good energy:
“I mean that’s my job to just come into the game and do whatever the team needs. I can see that our offense, obviously weren’t scoring at first so I just tried to contribute, tried to screen the best way I can and give people wide open shots. So we can start flowing and get everybody going, and it worked for the most part but in the second half just got careless and out-competed.”

On Saint Louis defense, being one of the best in the nation:
“They are really good on defense but Coach told us already exactly what we were going to do so we kept working on it in practice and it showed in the first half. But then we just didn’t do it in the second half for some reason.”

On it being tough to play after a 9 day layoff:
“Yeah, it is a little difficult but I mean I don’t feel like that is the reason why we lost. I don’t feel like that at all, I feel like we could have won that game definitely even after all the turnovers. It was just some calls didn’t go our way and we just didn’t get the stops that we needed to get at the end.”

On if this is one of those games you will look back on at the end of the season and wish you could have had:
“I mean I feel like that for all games that we lose.”

Forward Rod Odom
On Rod’s (Odom) take of the second half:
“We turned the ball over a few times and got out of rhythm.”

On game not having much flow, not getting into rhythm:
“It’s tough to get into a rhythm when you turn the ball over, I mean I had a few myself and that kinda got us out of rhythm. When you turn the ball over a few times you lose a little bit of confidence and make it tougher on the rest of the team.”