Vanderbilt Player Quotes

Vanderbilt Player Quotes


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Vanderbilt Coach and Player Quotes


Junior guard Caroline Williams:

(On the difference between the last two games)

“It’s just like a completely different team. We weren’t ourselves Thursday night. It was disappointing and we knew it, but we also knew we could bounce back. We let the dogs out, we really prepared and we knew we could change it.”


(On looking for her own shot)

“I was definitely ready to play today. Not even just for myself. We played terrible the other night. After the game I think everybody just felt that we’ve got to hurry up and get to the next one. We all hit big shots. I think everybody on the floor was anxious to start a new game.”


(On getting the looks she had)

“With our offense, if we set good screens and run through good plays, there are always ways to get good shots. We have to execute it and we’ll get good looks. They also played zone in the first half, I think because they were really worried about our size, and when they play zone the guards like it because it will leave us open for shot.”


Junior guard Dee Davis:

(On playing smart and not committing fouls)

“We were moving our feet, and not making any cheap fouls. I made two fouls in the first half, and one was just stupid, but as a team we didn’t take any plays off and our effort was really good. Our starting five stayed out there for quite a bit. We did play a lot smarter today and we’re happy, we won. We felt like we had to play a lot smarter today.


(On opening the game with a 13-1 run)

“It wasn’t about what they were going to do to us; we were going to do it to them. The little things we always harp on today it worked we did it all, we put it all together.”


(On maintaining the this level during a break before the next game)

“We have to rely on our team to keep us up. This game is a confidence builder and it’s going to help us better than it will hurt us. Just looking ahead we know what we want to do and we can’t go backwards at all we just have to keep going forwards.”