Paige Cahill Yastrzemski -  - Vanderbilt University Athletics

Paige Cahill Yastrzemski


As a Vanderiblt Student-Athlete I was able to embark on my collegiate athletic career surrounded by strong, passionate, driven, and kind women. Throughout many changes and the natural ups and downs of college the strength of my teammates was one thing that never faltered. What motivated me to accept the board of advisors position, and to stay engaged with the lacrosse program, was to keep that sense of community strong throughout every Lacrosse ‘Dore’s life post-college. I truly believe in the support of the coaching staff, athletic staff, and our alumni board that the true intention of this club is to Anchor Home to welcome alumni home and to connect the current Lacrosse players with this extraordinary group of Lacrosse Alumni Women. To provide the current players with an even stronger support system through our alumni. I look forward to working with each and every alumni and I am honored to be a part of this group of women.