Megan Grehan -  - Vanderbilt University Athletics

Megan Grehan

Women's Golf

Being a student-athlete at Vanderbilt brought me a great deal of pride and humility at the same time. Being at Vandy in the first place was an amazing opportunity. To do it playing golf across the country, and even overseas, while going to such an elite school in the city of Nashville was something truly special. In retrospect, the combination of educational and athletic opportunity were really just a jumping off point. Vandy helped me become the person I am today through the many great teammates, classmates, coaches, professors and experiences I had over my four years on campus and afterwards as an alumni.

Since I graduated, I have tried to stay in touch because it always meant a lot to me to be part of the women’s golf program. So, I always do my best to support the current and future commodore golfers. Quite frankly, I was very honored to be asked to join the board of advisors and get the Black and Gold Club up and running to strengthen the ties between student-athlete alumni and the university.

My vision for the Black and Gold Club is for it to be a celebration of all the tremendously talented and smart people that have lived the Vanderbilt student-athlete experience. It’s a very special group that can bring a great deal of knowledge, enthusiasm, insight and support to the current students, coaches, managers and athletic department to make Vanderbilt the ultimate place for top student-athletes across every sport.