Dana Reynolds -  - Vanderbilt University Athletics

Dana Reynolds


I loved being a cheerleader. My teammates are my best friends and people I could absolutely not do without. Being a Vandy cheerleader is such a unique experience because of the rigor of the University and also being on the sidelines of the most intense collegiate matchups. I remember traveling to LSU for a football game, being a New Yorker I didn’t have a full appreciation for SEC football, but that trip was electric.

My first full-time job was working in the Athletic Department at Vanderbilt as the social media coordinator. As a student I had worked for David Williams in any capacity he allowed me and it fostered in me an intense love and respect for the student-athlete experience. Since moving on I’ve worked in other athletic departments and I often reflected on my time at Vanderbilt and how it felt like home. Having the opportunity to again contribute to the athletic department and engage with alumni is a dream for me and I would be hard pressed to reject any opportunity given to me to be involved.

Alumni are such a tremendous piece in the puzzle that is college athletics. I’ve seen the power of a strong and engaged alumni base and the impact it has on the current program. The benefits of strengthening alumni is incalculable. There is so much value in reaching back to those that are taking a journey you have already taken. There is also such joy that can be garnered in staying connected with a place that has shaped you into adulthood the way that Vanderbilt has.