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Carter Hawkins


I didn’t intend for my college experience to be transformative. I committed to Vanderbilt the summer of 2002, Tim Corbin’s first (and possibly worst) recruit.  Close to home, great academics, and an opportunity to play SEC baseball, Vanderbilt was, at the time, the comfortable choice. Our first day of training we ran so much that I threw up. The next four years my teammates and I were challenged on the field and in the classroom, but with each failure we grew and with each success we understood that through embracing a daily routine that aligned with our lofty goals, cementing the habit of winning would not be left to chance. The lessons we learned and lived transformed us, forging a bond that has passed the test of time. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be a part of a group that can help sustain and enhance these types of experiences for our student athletes. I have no doubt there are many alumni with similar stories who are eager to re-connect with each other and the University. With the formation of the Black and Gold Club, there is a new path to do so, and I look forward to what this team of teams can accomplish.