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Alphonso Harvey


I was motivated to join the BGC because I believe in order for all sports to be WORLD CLASS at Vandy we need our alums actively involved. We have people in all walks of life that are making an impact, and I would love for there to be a very warm, welcoming path established for my fellow dores, to contribute from near and far. This place is part of the building blocks of all of our lives. It’s the reason why many former players, even when upset about some the athletic outcomes STILL wear Vandy school colors with pride. It’s the reason why former players who may have not had the best experience from previous coaching staffs, will still reach out to a teammate in Nashville and ask them to look out for a player that they coached who is coming to campus. Vanderbilt is the best school in the country and we want ALL of our sports to meet and exceed the success of our academic arena BUT it takes US alums to create that as well as the present University staff.