Show your 'VU' hand sign

Jan. 4, 2012


Through the years, Vanderbilt fans have adopted the cheer, “Who Ya With? VU,” at sporting events and pep rallies. From the cheer spawned Vanderbilt’s ‘VU’ hand sign. The sign has become a highly recognizable symbol throughout Commodore Nation and has been spotted at sporting events, weddings and everything in between.

Introduced by Vanderbilt’s cheerleaders in 2003, the popular ‘VU’ hand sign is formed with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of your right hand, palm out. The index finger and middle finger form the ‘V’ and the ‘U’ is formed by the thumb.

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To show your support for Vanderbilt athletics, we are asking fans to submit photos of themselves, friends and family members displaying the ‘VU’ hand sign from all parts of the world.

The photos can be taken at your home, sporting events, famous locations around the globe, anywhere the Commodore Nation is. Do you have a photo of yourself with the ‘VU’ hand sign at the Liberty Bowl? How about at the Eiffel Tower? Great and great, we’d love to see.

Please submit the photos on the Vanderbilt Athletics Facebook page or via e-mail.

When you submit a photo, please identify who is pictured, where the photo was taken and when. The images will then be displayed on