Meet the Freshman: Paige Peters

Introducing one of Vanderbilt's newest Commodores

by Rod Williamson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Paige Peters has been dominant on the New Jersey and national junior bowling scene for years.

A two-time Junior Team USA member, Peters won the Parker Bohn III Singles Championship and the PBA Junior Regional Championship in 2020 in addition to being a semifinalist at the United States Amateur. Paige was a three-time, top-20 finisher at the Junior Gold and won the U20 Youth Open title in 2019 along with the U12 doubles in 2014.

She also carried her Toms River High School team to three New Jersey state championships while earning first-team all-state honors in each of those seasons. She won the 2018-19 New Jersey individual championship and was named the Asbury Park Press Bowler of the Year in 2018-19.

Here is more about one of Vanderbilt’s newest Commodores:

Immediate family members: Daryl Peters (father) HVAC, Jessica Peters (mother), medical assistant, Kamerin Peters (sister), student and full-time counter job

Age I began to bowl: I believe 8 years old, competitively with handicap at 10 years old.

Who got me started with bowling? My mom and dad.

Favorite musical performer: The Kid LAROI, Morgan Wallen and Lil Tjay.

Favorite movie: After.

Nobody can believe I watch this TV show: I do not watch TV that much.

Favorite midnight snack: Doritos with dip.

Favorite thing about myself: I am a very open person.

The best tasting food I can make: Shrimp scampi.

Favorite sport other than bowling: To play: lacrosse. To watch: baseball.

Biggest misconception about bowling or bowlers: We just throw a ball down the lane and that is all.

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Dak Prescott.

Talent I’d most like to have: Being able to dance.

Favorite thing to do away from bowling: Weightlifting.

Favorite aspect of Nashville: The food and downtown reminds me of New York City from home.

The person I’d love to trade places with for a day: Elon Musk.

Ultimate vacation destination: Greece and Italy.

The person(s) I admire most: My sister.

Career goal outside of bowling: Become a physical therapist, own a three-story gym and be certified in personal training.

The best advice I’ve received: To live life for yourself, not for anyone else.

Three things on my bucket list are:  Go on a road trip through all 50 states, live in New York City for around a month and I am still working on the third one.

One thing my hometown is famous for: Huge slices of pizza and the Jersey Shore show.

My advice to young people is: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught me: That life can change at any given moment and two weeks can quickly turn into a year or more.

Special talents or accomplishments by family members: My sister won worlds with Mabel (Cummins) and competes on Team USA.

I choose Vanderbilt because: Vanderbilt is the place to be able to further yourself academically and athletically. The academic challenge is worth it in the end.