Cross Country Blog - 9/23/07

Sept. 23, 2007


Senior cross country runner Austin Williamson recounts the day of activities following last weekend’s Commodore Classic in Nashville, Tenn.

Hey Commodore Fans,

The home meet weekend is always a big event for us on the cross country team. Not only do we get the chance to race in front of all of our friends, but many of our families come down for the meet, too. I was especially excited because my mom and girlfriend Kelsey came down from Iowa for a visit.

After the race and requisite post-race nap, Adam Banks, Rick Semones, Michael Nordlund, Matt Long, and I took our parents to Jersey Mike’s Subs, the best sandwich place Nashville has to offer! After lunch, a bunch of us took our families to the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss Football game. The Commodore offense was a lot of fun to watch and the team emerged victorious, 31-17.

In deciding what to do for the evening, Kelsey suggested that she had never sung karaoke before. I thought that would be fun, too, so she, Rick, my friend Andrew and I, along with an old alumni Mike Gabrys traveled to Lonnie’s in downtown Nashville. Gabrys and I turned in a couple of songs, one duet for he and I, one duet for Kelsey and I, and a solo for Rick.

Of course, Rick didn’t know we signed him up for a song.

After Gabrys and I delivered and crowd pleasing rendition of the Beatles “Twist and Shout” complete with mildly coordinated choreography, we told Rick he should be watching the screen for his song.

“My song?” Rick asked and looked at the list of upcoming singers.

“Shania Twain!?” he exclaimed in even greater disbelief.

A few performers later, the girl running the show announced, “Next up, Rick Semones singing `Man I Feel Like a Woman.'”

Rick was a great sport about it and really worked the crowd while his low Kentucky drawl belted out the “oh oh oh’s.”

After the tears of laughter stopped rolling down my cheeks, we all decided his was the best performance of the night.

Until next time… Go ‘Dores!
Austin Williamson