My Game: Rebecca Chandler

Dec. 7, 2012

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Sophomore Rebecca Chandler earned SEC All-Freshman honors for Coach Steve Keith’s cross country squad last season. When not running through Nashville’s Percy Warner Park, the Jacksonville, Fla., native often can be found playing one of the four guitars she brought with her to Vanderbilt.

ChandlerCommodore Nation: How did you first get into music?

Rebecca Chandler: Ever since I was little my parents had me in piano and theory lessons. I did classical music, then when I was in about eighth grade I started playing guitar and from there I picked up different instruments.

CN: You were in a band in high school?

RC: We’d do some original stuff and a lot of covers. Just fun, upbeat, Southern-rock type of music. We’d play at restaurants and small gigs like that. It’s always really just been more of a fun release for me, because running and school can become really intense.

CN: Do you have a chance to play here?

RC: We have some musicians on our team, which is really great. We have two other girls that really like to get together to play music and sing. And we’re always singing on our team. If you walk in the locker room there’s always music playing and we’re singing.

CN: What’s your favorite thing about the cross country team?

RC: The reason that I chose to come to Vanderbilt–and I think a lot of other girls would say this–is because our girls are so independent. We have the type of program that allows you to live the lifestyle you want to live. I feel like I have so many other things going in my life besides running, whereas at a lot of other programs, if you’re an athlete, that’s all you are. That’s what identifies you. I don’t think that’s true for so many athletes here, especially our team. I can’t say enough about our team. We’re so fun, we all have crazy personalities and we’re always planning fun stuff together.

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