Bowlers in third at Big Red

Jan. 21, 2011

LINCOLN, Neb. — Vanderbilt’s bowlers sit in third place just off the pace at Nebraska’s Big Red Invite but Commodore Coach John Williamson left the lanes far from satisfied after his team won just two of four games Friday.

“We didn’t make shots when we needed to,” Williamson said. “When you consider last week’s performance and today’s, it shows we are too up and down. We have to become more consistent, more competitive. Today’s shot was easy and we were a minus 15 (from 200 average) when the leaders were about plus-150. We missed key single pin spares and had too many open frames in competitive matches.”

The Commodores opened the day with a win over Bethune-Cookman, they dropped a tight game against the host Cornhuskers. They rebounded with a big score against Elmhurst but dropped the afternoon finale to tournament-leader Central Missouri.

All-American Brittni Hamilton went 213-212-215-198 for her day’s work. Jessica Earnest’s 245 was the team’s high game for the session. Kim Carper was inserted into the lineup very early in the first game and responded with three games at or very near 200.

Saturday’s finish will consist of three, best-of-seven Bakers. Vanderbilt will play Mankato, Sam Houston and then move to one bracket round.

Central Missouri 6,453
Nebraska 6,362
Vanderbilt 6,357
UMES 6,301

Vanderbilt Results

Vanderbilt 945, Bethune-Cookman 905
Brittni Hamilton 213
Amanda Halter / Kim Carper 169 (Carper in the second frame)
Kayla Rhoades 185
Jessica Earnest 211
Samantha Hesley 167

Nebraska 996, Vanderbilt 988
Hamilton 212
Carper 195
Rhoades 199
Earnest 191
Hesley 191

Vanderbilt 1,059, Elmhurst 885
Hamilton 215
Carper 200
Rhoades 215
Earnest 245
Hesley 183

Central Missouri 1,051, Vanderbilt 993
Hamilton 198
Carper 202
Rhoades 185
Earnest 194
Hesley 214