Spirit Squad Tryouts

Due to the ongoing university protocols for COVID-19, our tryout format has changed.

Information for current Vanderbilt Students

  • Tryouts will take place in person on Saturday, May 8
    • All applicants will receive a specific time frame to check in/tryout to monitor group size for campus protocols.
    • Tryout results will be sent electronically so you do not need to stay after your tryout is finished.

Information for incoming freshmen/transfer/remote or non-Vanderbilt (Dance Team only) students

  • Tryouts will take place virtually on Saturday, May 15
    • Tryout results will be sent electronically.

Tryout Steps

1. Send in all required paperwork/payment (email/google form)

You must turn in the following items in order to participate in the optional clinics and tryouts.

  • Proof of physical within the last 12 months.  Physical must include date and physician signature.
  • Signed and completed Vanderbilt Tryout Release of Liability
  • Copy of medical insurance card (front and back)
    • If you have Vanderbilt Student Health insurance please indicate that on the google form.
  • A 5 X 7 or larger head shot in color
  • All incoming freshman and Transfer students must submit a copy of unconditional acceptance letter of admittance to Vanderbilt University or Belmont/Lipscomb University (for Dance Team ONLY)
    • If you are waitlisted, please provide that documentation (all waitlist candidates who make the team are conditionally accepted pending admissions decision)
  • Most recent transcript (High School or College)
  • Completed Tryout Application
  • $35 tryout fee (pay with CC – directions to follow once application packet is received)

**All supplemental documents can be uploaded to the tryout application google form.

2. Attend one mandatory online information session

All candidates must attend at least one online information session via Zoom conferencing.  Coaches will go over tryout process, expectations, material and program information.  Candidates are encouraged to bring any questions you may have about the program or tryout process.  Information sessions should last about 30-45 minutes each.

Available Dates/Times:

Tuesday, April 27 at 6 p.m.

Tuesday, May 4 at 6 p.m.

To register for one of the available information sessions complete the tryout application form.

3. Prepare for in person auditions (current Vanderbilt students) or prep video audition (incoming freshmen/transfer/remote and non-Vanderbilt students [dance team only])

**All paperwork/payment is due the day of your audition.

May 8th: In person auditions

  • For current Vanderbilt students only
  • All candidates will be assigned a specific audition time.
  • Tryout will include the following:

Overview of tryout portion

  • Cheer
    • Interview portion
    • Standing/running tumbling
    • Tryout sideline
    • Fight Song
  • Dance
    • Interview portion
    • Technique section
    • Fight song
    • Tryout Dance

May 15th: Video Auditions

  • For incoming freshmen, transfer remote or non-Vanderbilt (dance team only) students
  • Videos must be submitted by 9 a.m. on May 15th in order to be considered.
    • Send videos to vandyspirit@vanderbilt.edu
      • We recommend uploading your video to YouTube then emailing us the link!
    • See below for descriptions on what needs to be included in your tryout video:

Overview of supplemental video (REQUIRED FOR NEW CANDIDATES FOR CHEER) – DUE MAY 15

  • All rookie cheer team candidates need to send a separate video that contains footage of their stunting abilities.  Please identify which position you are prior to the skills.


  • Interview portion – Give us a little bit of background about you and why you decided to audition!
  • Standing/running tumbling
  • Tumbling needs to be completed on non-spring floor
  • Video should not be edited, we want to see standing & running skills in the same clip (so taking a quick break in between is fine!)
  • Tryout sideline
  • Fight Song
  • Stunts: All rookie cheer team candidates need to send footage of their stunting abilities.  Please identify which position you are prior to the skills.


  • Interview portion – Give us a little bit of background about you and why you decided to audition!
  • Technique section
  • Fight song
  • Tryout Dance


What to wear for tryouts:

  • All squad members should be “Game Ready”.
    • Ladies: we ask that you have “Game Ready” make up on at all times, which includes light foundation, blush, eye liner, mascara (fake lashes are acceptable) and lipstick.  Your hair should be styled as if you were at a game.
    • Gentlemen: you must be clean shaven and have trimmed hair.  No jewelry.
    • All candidates should wear only Vanderbilt logos and colors.
      • Former members must not wear any Cheerleading or Dance Team clothing.
  • Dance Team:
    • Should wear jazz or black shorts with a black form fitting top.  Please bring jazz shoes and athletic shoes. No bows or clips should be worn in your hair.
  • Cheerleading:
    • Females: black bottoms and a black top that will not restrict you while stunting or tumbling and shoes.  Your hair needs to be half up half down with a bow towards the back and hair should be out of your face.
    • Males:  Athletic shirt, shorts and shoes.


Tryout Material

You must learn these items in advance of your tryout!

Cheer Tryout Material

Dance Tryout Material

For additional information on each team’s audition expectations or requirements please click on the team links below:



For questions regarding Spirit Squad applications and tryouts please email vandyspirit@vanderbilt.edu