Bowling team 2018-2019.(Vanderbilt University/Joe Howell)
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Getting to know Angelique Dalesandro

Third in a series of bowling's newest team members

We recently conducted some light-hearted, get-to-know interviews with members of bowling's freshman class.  Today we meet Angelique Dalesandro from Rolling Meadows, Illinois..

Age I began to bowl: ​5

Who got me started with bowling:  My dad

When I was a kid I tried to be like: ​Kim Possible

Favorite part about being at Vanderbilt: ​Getting to experience so many new things and being able to meet new people from all over the world.

Favorite musical performer: ​Florida Georgia Line

Favorite movie: ​Lilo and Stitch

Nobody can believe I watch this TV show:​ Shameless

Favorite midnight snack: ​Ice cream

Favorite thing about myself: ​My determination

The best tasting food I can make: ​Brownies

Favorite sport other than bowling: ​Volleyball

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: ​Anthony Rizzo

Talent I'd most like to have: ​Singing or dancing

Favorite thing to do away from bowling:​ Spending time with my friends

Favorite aspect of Nashville:​ All the country music!!!

The person I'd love to trade places with for a day: ​Carrie Underwood

What I would do if I won the lottery: ​Help everyone in my family

Ultimate vacation destination: ​Iceland

The person(s) I admire most: ​I admire everyone in my family, my parents, Danielle, Joel, Daryl, and Ashley.

The best advice I've received (​and who from): ​ The best advice I have ever received was from my parents. They have always told me to push to be my best and to never give up no matter what.

The most famous person(s) I've met: ​Tyler Oakley

Three things on my bucket list are:​ Go skydiving, visit all seven continents, and climb a mountain

One thing my hometown is famous for: ​ Portillos and Lou Malnati's pizza

What I like best about my coaches: ​What I like best about my coaches is that they always are pushing us to be our best and that they are always there for us.

Most important thing I've learned since coming to Vanderbilt: ​Hard work pays off. If you put in the time, you will be rewarded.

My advice to young people is:​ Never give up on your dreams, anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Why did you choose Vanderbilt: ​I chose Vanderbilt because I get the best of both worlds. I have the opportunity to receive an amazing education while also bowling for a national-championship team.
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