The goal of Vanderbilt University is to protect our student-athletes’ eligibility for as long as they wish to pursue collegiate athletics and then ensure that they can make informed decisions about those who will represent them when they are ready to pursue their professional careers.

The Vanderbilt University agent policies are guided by three things: NCAA rules, State law and professional league rules, where applicable.

We respectfully request your assistance in regards to maintaining our student-athletes’ eligibility and cooperation in adhering to NCAA regulations, Vanderbilt University policies, and Tennessee State laws governing your interactions with our student-athletes.

In order to accomplish these goals, our agent/advisor policy requires all agents/advisors to register with the Compliance Office on an annual basis. Further, Tennessee State law requires agents to register with the State of Tennessee’s Office of the Secretary of State.

All written correspondence from an agent/advisor to a student-athlete must be sent directly to the Compliance Office. Once the Compliance Office confirms the agent is properly registered with both the State of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University, the correspondence will be distributed to the student-athlete.

All correspondence should be forwarded in duplicate so the Compliance Office can maintain a record and provide the student-athlete with the necessary documentation.

We appreciate your continued assistance in this endeavor.

Agent/Advisor Procedure

Agent/Advisor Policy

Agent/Advisor Application

Tennessee Athlete Agent Information