Inside Commodore Football

A life of service

by Derek Mason

This is the second season for RTI Journey, a series written by head coach Derek Mason.

A Life of Service

We haven’t been called to a life of leisure. We have been called to a life of service. As Vanderbilt Men, we have all been enlisted in this fleet and placed on this ship. This is no cruise ship. It’s a battleship; and this ship has one purpose during the fog of war … to carry us safely to shore.

Each of us has a different task. Some are concerned with saving others, snatching those who are drowning from the depths of the sea. Others are occupied with halting the enemy by manning cannons of war and circumstance. Still, others devote themselves to their crew, supervising, training, healing and feeding their teammates.

Though different in race, beliefs, upbringing and life experiences, we are the same. We serve one captain and fight with the same purpose. We have all had a personal encounter with our captain, as we each followed him across the gangplank onto the same ship. Though the battle is fierce, the boat is safe. Our true captain sits in his post guiding us to serve one another as we chase greatness. There is no concern that this ship will sink, for each of these men are connected to a singular purpose. That purpose demands intentional focus, unwavering discipline and relentless effort.

Our shared experiences have formed a bond. One that creates a singular thought and collaborative action. As we have committed our years, our weeks, our days and our hours to serving our brothers, we remain focused on one destination … Oxford.

And only one mission. Victory.

Derek Mason