Seventy-Eight Commodores Named to Honor Roll

Cross country, football and soccer recognized

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Seventy-eight Vanderbilt student‐athletes were among the 1,066 named to the 2019 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey announced Friday.

The Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll includes the sports of cross country, football, soccer and volleyball. It is based on grades from the 2019 spring, summer and fall terms.

Any student-athlete who participates in a Southeastern Conference championship sport or a student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on his/her institution’s NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll.

The following criteria will be followed: (1) A student-athlete must have a grade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominating institution. (2) If a student-athlete attends summer school, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll. (3) Student-athletes eligible for the Honor Roll include those receiving an athletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e., letter winner), and non-scholarship student-athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons. (4) Prior to being nominated, a student-athlete must have successfully completed 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of non-remedial academic credit toward a baccalaureate degree at the nominating institution. (5) The student-athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport’s entire NCAA Championship segment.

Vanderbilt (Sport) – Major
Matthew Estopinal (Men’s Cross Country) – Computer Science / Mathematics
Edward Harpstead (Men’s Cross Country) – Biomedical Engineering
Andrew Irvine (Men’s Cross Country) – Computer Science
Nicholas Laning (Men’s Cross Country) – Civil Engineering
Lucas Mowery (Men’s Cross Country) – Chemical Engineering
Harrison Thomas (Men’s Cross Country) – Biomedical Engineering
Caleb Van Geffen (Men’s Cross Country) – Computer Science
Kacie Breeding (Women’s Cross Country) – Biomedical Engineering
Reagan Bustamante (Women’s Cross Country) – Human & Organizational Development
Kendall Derry (Women’s Cross Country) – Biomedical Engineering
Grace Jensen (Women’s Cross Country) – Human & Organizational Development
Lauren Moffett (Women’s Cross Country) – Psychology / Cognitive Studies
Anna Grace Morgan (Women’s Cross Country) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Gillian Mortimer (Women’s Cross Country) – Human & Organizational Development
Caroline Pietrzyk (Women’s Cross Country) – Leadership & Organizational Performance
Jacqueline Pinon (Women’s Cross Country) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Alena Sapienza-Wright (Women’s Cross Country) – English / Political Science
Mailin Struck (Women’s Cross Country) – Environmental Sociology / Psychology
Sara Tsai (Women’s Cross Country) – Mechanical Engineering
Haley Walker (Women’s Cross Country) – Undeclared
Ana Wallace (Women’s Cross Country) – Chemical Engineering
Colin Anderson (Football) – Communication of Science & Technology
Bryce Bailey (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Gil Barksdale (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Jack Bowen (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Ben Bresnahan (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Jonah Buchanan (Football) – Computer Science / Mathematics
Will Clark (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Cole Clemens (Football) – Economics
Devin Cochran (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Pierson Cooke (Football) – Undeclared
Dan Dawkins Jr. (Football) – Undeclared
Brayden Devault-Smith (Football) – Sociology
Zach Drevno (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Stone Edwards (Football) – Psychology
Ryley Guay (Football) – Biochemistry & Chemical Biology
Elijah Hamilton (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Brendon Harris (Football) – Undeclared
Mo Hasan (Football) – Economics & History
Cam Johnson (Football) – Undeclared
Braden Kopp (Football) – Law, History, & Society
Carlton Lorenz (Football) – Sociology
Cody Markel (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society / Political Science
Grant Miller (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Andre Mintze (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Dimitri Moore (Football) – Cinema & Media Arts
Caleb Peart (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Jared Pinkney (Football) – Communication Studies
Mitchell Pryor (Football) – Economics
Rutger Reitmaier (Football) – Sociology
Javan Rice (Football) – Economics
Cameron Robinson (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Gavin Schoenwald (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Harrison Smith (Football – Undeclared
Brett Starr (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Jonathan Stewart (Football) – Sociology
Cameron Tidd (Football) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Jamauri Wakefield (Football) – Political Science
Deuce Wallace (Football) – American Studies
Michael Warden (Football) – Undeclared
Kyle White (Football) – Human & Organizational Development
Leila Azari (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Lauren Demarchi (Soccer) – Human & Organizational Development
Nia Dorsey (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Kayla Eason (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Hannon Eberts (Soccer) – Economics
Paola Ellis (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Sarah Fuller (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Madiya Harriott (Soccer) – Child Development
Haley Hopkins (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Grace Jackson (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Raegan Kelley (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Myra Konte (Soccer) – Medicine, Health, & Society
Blair McDonald (Soccer) – Undeclared
Rebecca Rossett (Soccer) – Child Development
Caroline Saltmarsh (Soccer) – Child Development
Ella Shamburger (Soccer) – Undeclared
Taiana Tolleson (Soccer) – Human & Organizational Development